I studied and spent my childhood in the Jesuit School in Pamplona. I played basketball. I was lucky to live 9+ years in Ainsa (Huesca), one of Top 20 Most Beautiful villages in Spain.

Catholic. Born & living in Pamplona, 1974. Single. Technical Agricultural Engineer by UPNA. LinkedIn CV. Working as IT Developer at Centraldereservas.com.

My faith

I’m passionate about Jesus Christ and His teaching. Also Our Lady Mary & Her apparitions on earth.

I made mistakes in the past. Now I take Spirituality – the inner world – seriously. I try to fight my demons with the help of God. I try everyday to broaden my heart with faith, hope (optimism) and charity. In short, I look for true love in all its forms.

The purpose of this blog is to order thoughts and ideas. Keep records and share them. I love finding like-minded people with whom I can develop ideas that help us grow and get salvation in Christ.

My interests

Get married, make family. Writing, Reading, Learning English, Spiritual Retirements, Pilgrimages, Photography, Nature, Music, Movies, Documentaries & Sports. I’m Real Madrid fan. You can listen to my favourite music here. And watch my favourite movies here.

My travels

I have travelled to Italy, France, London, Portugal and Bosnia.

I would like to travel to Holy Land (Israel, Jerusalem), Poland, Russia, Greece, Switzerland, Austria and the United States. I love people from Poland, Hungary, Russia and Portugal. I always like to return to Italy and Portugal.

My readings

I love reading. I’m rather slow reading. I like to highlight texts in various colours, make schemes & take notes. My favourite book genres are: Theology, Spirituality, Psychology, Classics, Parables, Poetry, Science, Testimonies & Biographies. I’m fan of the Bible 📜 We are what we read. These are some of my favourite books:

I like to savor and reflect the words. I find the reading stimulating. It’s like talking with your favorite authors. You get deep and wise conversations with them. They offer you their best words and knowledge. Reading is better than TV programming or whatsapping with frivolous people. I’m not interested in shallow friendships.

My writings

Writing is like a therapy for me. It clarifies ideas and purifies the soul. I don’t have writing skills but I enjoy doing it in my blog and writing reviews. I would like to study a career to learn to write well. Maybe a degree in Theology, Phylology or other interesting online degrees. I would like to write a book, perhaps on theology, spirituality, biography, poetry or fiction.

My photography

I’m budding photographer. I love to photograph butterflies 🦋 and all kinds of insects. Also landscapes 🌄 and nature 🌲🌳🌺. I love the tranquility & silence of the countryside. It gives me an inspiring peace that brings me closer to God 🙏🏻

When you discover them in the distance, a wonderful time of introspection begins. You walk towards them slowly, camera in hand, trying to make you invisible so as not to corrupt the beauty of the moment. After stealthy siege, when they are less than a sigh, only a small rumor is heard coming from the abdominal rubbing of the intercourse, a kind of «fru-frú», deaf, slight, almost imperceptible but that eclipses everything that the senses previously captured. When the lamppost stops rocking, at that precise moment, space and time stop.

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